Welcome to Amherstburg's
Yoga, Barre and Movement Studio

Your H'OM away from Home

H'OM originated in the former Downtown Yoga Studio located in the Historic Capitol Theatre of Downtown Windsor in 2017.  During that year Barre and BollyX Fitness classes were introduced, evolving the studio as a "Movement Studio". A Movement Studio? What does that even mean? Your body is this amazing machine, designed for mobility, but with everyday life, stress, repetitive motions, strenuous activities you find yourself gradually becoming tight and restricted.  Blend together Yoga, Barre and BollyX Fitness and create a H'OM made fusion of movement
 Each class is unique on its own, offering mindfulness to the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Our professional instructors are experienced with certifications in various styles of movement including Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Dance.   Our schedule offers a variety of these forms of movement to keep you motivated, energized, inspired and most importantly spacious in your body and mind, allowing your body to have a free range of mobility and your mind at ease. 
The studio is built around community and connectivity with their community. We chose the name H’OM because it is a H’OM away from home offering more than just a schedule of classes.  We like to think about it as taking a Yoga Safari with our family, enjoying yoga in the park, bike rides, connecting with other local businesses and trying new things.
H’OM Yoga and Barre is located in the heart of trendy downtown Amherstburg at 79 Richmond St, above Storey and Denomme Family Dentistry.  Our unit offers a 900 Square foot Studio with water views, two change rooms, a kitchen and restroom with shower.  Parking is plenty and FREE!