Courtney Bondy

Courtney Bondy’s roots begin in Amherstburg. She loves to learn, travel and always seems to come back h’om to the charm of the small town.

Her first experience was a laughing yoga class. She became curious about how powerful the simple gesture of smiling and laughing impacted her mind, body and soul.

A few years later, having struggled with mental illness, limiting beliefs about herself and how she mattered in this world, her Mom introduced her to a 4-week beginner series.

From that day on, Courtney’s journey with yoga has inspired and impacted her life on all levels. She began to explore different branches of yoga and wanted to keep learning more about mindfulness, meditation, the deeper connections and so much more!Her exploration and curiosity over the years led her to complete a 200hr YTT.

Teaching has graciously offered her the space to be able to show others where to look. She is passionate about helping you overcome your own perceived barriers in a safe and welcoming environment.

Her intentions when teaching a class is to hold space for anybody open, willing and ready to explore, learn and grow. She inspires others to have fun, laugh and dive deeper into their own journey with and through yoga.