Dan Mitchell

Dan married his best friend Lisa Mitchell in 2016 and life in the eyes of Dan has been incredible. He has 2 sons, Owen & Kai and adopted a hairy son named Yogi. Dan has worked for the Public Service of Ontario for 15 years and the private sector within the same industry for 5 years where he can appreciate the importance of public health safety and the environment.
Dan’s practice began four years ago and his practice allowed him to connect with his inner self more deeply than he expected.  During Dan's self-realization he strived to better his knowledge about health and wellness which led him to the decision of partnering up to open a yoga studio in May of 2017, and again in May of 2019. After continuous active classes and workshops, Dan has become more yoga aware, with particular inversions in plain sight.
Staying active is an important function to everyone's ability to maintain physical health and well-being, Dan is definitely no different.
Dan is an active member of the environment and is passionate about the environment which he has implemented environmental awareness programs throughout the county. He has been a member of many environmental committees and his desire is to protect and sustain our planet thru green initiatives and activities by reducing, recycling and reusing. Look for green initiatives at H'OM Yoga & Barre.  ​​
Dan brings a value to H'OM with his knowledge in management structure, finance management, marketing, and Canadian business.