Danielle Lauzon

I grew up in LaSalle and Amherstburg. I work as a nurse in Detroit.. and I love travel.
I’d been to a few different yoga classes over some years, but I eventually turned to yoga while I was in university, at a time that I truly needed it the most. I was struggling to find self-love, confidence, and forgiveness. I needed to find a home in my own body and through this practice I learned mindfulness, coping and connection. Every part of me felt that my life had been saved by yoga, and I needed more.. then going on to complete a 200hr teacher training with Ena Monteleone and Caroline Holmes at Love It Yoga in 2015. I didn’t necessarily intend to teach, I just wanted to find a deeper connection, and understanding of this practice that I loved.. but an opportunity to teach presented itself to me before I’d even finished my training, and I turned to my teachers, and they told me to dive in.. and I’ve been teaching ever since. Teaching gives me an opportunity to share the peace that I’ve found, with others.

I did some world travel in 2016 after I finished school, and I enjoy trying new studios, in different destinations. I have touched down in 6 continents, and I seek out opportunities for growth in my practice and in my teachings by experiencing life and yoga whenever and wherever I can. Over the years my practice has ebbed and flowed, but yoga remains the one constant in my life that I always come back to as a comfort, a solution, and a lifestyle. Yoga is an international language, and I will always be a student.